Call for Student and Academic Exhibition

Media Architecture Biennale 2018

Call for Student and Academic Exhibition


We are pleased to announce the call of the Media Architecture Biennale Student Exhibition for outstanding student projects at the intersection of architecture, urban planning, media and interaction design. This call targets projects have been designed by undergraduate or postgraduate students. The format for the student exhibition is screen based and you are invited to submit video or other screen based work. Video documentation of physical installations, models and prototypes explaining and demonstrating design solutions are also welcomed.


Exhibition Themes

You may submit your project in one or two of the following categories:

Urban Narratives
Projects demonstrating creative responses to the urban environment through the lens of design processes to create interactive urban narratives and user-experiences through experimentation, story telling, journeys, film, audio visual recordings

Digital Placemaking
Her we are looking for projects that approach placemaking through the use of digital technologies to creating places and to augment community engagement through urban media installations. We are particularly interested in design initiatives that seek to generate sustainable, long-term value for citizens. We note that many such project involve an emphasis on ‘making’.

Infrastructure and Participatory Architecture
In this category we are specifically looking for projects that support the development of sustainable social structures with urban digital media or media architecture. It does not matter whether projects are made in an artistic or civic society or any other context – innovation and the impact on the city is essential. Examples: neighborhood screens for sharing cars, tools, rooms, etc., and for offering local services like yoga, learning, etc. Hybrid systems that consist of digital and social components are highly wanted.

Spatial media art
Projects produced in an artistic context at the intersection of architecture and media art. Mostly non-permanent movable installations with an innovative form of spatial interaction and/or perception of space.

Future trends & prototypes
This section covers special solutions like three-dimensional displays, kinetic facades, OLEDs or robotic elements that could shed light on what future media architectures might look like.


Please have a look at the MAB16 catalog for a detailed definition of “Media Architecture” and numerous “Media Architecture” examples:

A recent overview of media architecture can also be found in our publication:

Media Architecture Compendium: Digital Placemaking

Please note that the area of Media Architecture is dynamically evolving and therefore not easy to define. Media Architecture is made up by the people who are active in the field and by the innovative and ground­breaking projects they are producing.

So, finally, it is also up to you and other participants to establish the directions in which we are heading. It could be that your project is opening up new perspectives and defining new benchmarks.


Who may submit?

Students and academics from any relevant university program internationally. Students and academics of art, design, media, computational design or other related disciplines who have either designed the submitted project individually or as a design team project:

• Design including:

• Media
• Lighting
• Interaction
• Social Engagement

• Media art
• Architecture
• Computational Design


Minimum requirements for submitting a project

Submitters must:
• Fill in all required fields in the form below.
• Submit a video link or other screen based presentation able to be projected or shown on screen.
• Submit any additional information if possible.