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Since ancient civilizations, art has participated spiritually, conceptually and materially in city-making – building up societies and architectural structures as frescos, reliefs, painting, glass, etc. Today, cities around the world are being upgraded, augmented, and made artificially intelligent with technology at a pace not accounting for environmental consequences of our human-made innovations. In this context, the attention to securing the participation of art and art’s inquiry as part of the foundation on which our future societies will be built evokes a need for including ethics and holistic consciousness at the human scale in our fast-paced process of urban change.

The symposium positions urban media art as a matter of global response to current urban urgencies; as an interdisciplinary and inter-knowledge domain of practice and theory – asking:
How can urban media art contribute to ‘shifting’ matters and energies of fast-developing hybrid cities, towards ethical and sustainable ends? What modes of consciousness in the art (skills, concerns, discourses and qualities) do we need to further (and teach) in order to engage with current urgencies of cities and societies – in a global perspective.




14.00-14.10 Welcome
by MAB18 team
Tanya Toft Ag, Susa Pop, founding directors of the Urban Media Art Academy
14.10-14.20 How Urban Media Art Matters by Susa Pop
Introduction to the Urban Media Art Academy
14.20-14.35 Why Urban Media Art Matters by Dr. Tanya Toft Ag
14.35-14.50 Art shifting translocal dialogue
Introduction to the cultural transformation of Beijing
by Michael Kahn-Ackermann
Founding director of the Goethe-Institut Beijing and former regional director of the Goethe-Institut China and Taiwan
14.50-15.10 Art Shifting Matters – Visionary Perspectives on politics and arts by Maurice Benayoun (keynote)
Professor at School of Creative Media at City University Hong Kong
15.10-15.30 Art shifting cities by Martijn de Waal (keynote)
Professor for Play & Civic Media, Amsterdam University of Applied
Sciences (AUAS)
15.30-15.45 Afternoon Tea Break
Introduction speech of the
speakers 7 min.
ROUND TABLE: Art Shifting Matters
with Maurice Benayoun, Martijn de Waal, Marcus Foth, Kristy Kang, Kyu Choi

Presenting perspectives in practice: How can art shift matters at the beginning of the Round Table

(1) Art shifting environments by Marcus Foth
Professor of Urban Informatics, QUT Design Lab, Brisbane, Australia
(2) Art shifting communities by Prof. Kristy H.A. Kang
School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University Singapore
(3) Art shifting citymaking by Kyu Choi
founder of asianow

16.30-16.45 Q/A
Closing Remarks
16.45-17.00 Chinese Perspective on Media Architecture
by Mr. Tong Jun
18.30-19.00 Urban Media Art Academy reception
18.30-19.00 Digital Calligraffiti

Participatory Live Performance for the Urban Media Art Academy initiated by Public Art Lab and From Here to Fame, Michael Ang and Hamza Abu Ayyash