Bruce Ramus

Bruce Ramus is a light artist and founder of Ramus Illumination. Ramus presents his works as compelling platforms for expansion, both personal and civic, designed to reflect our environment, encourage social engagement and foster an articulate visual civic voice.

Canadian born, Bruce Ramus began his career in the live music industry when he was nineteen and has been working as a light artist ever since. He has designed and directed countless international live shows including rock bands U2, R.E.M., David Bowie, Bryan Adams, David Byrne, Guy Sebastian, James Brown including lighting design for artists appearances on the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, ARIA awards and Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

In 2006, Bruce moved to Melbourne and started Ramus Illumination. Aware of the emerging presence of large-scale digital screen technology into cities, Bruce recognized a space to utilize his extensive experience to create non-imposing, integrated and beautiful designs for urban communities.

Bruce and Ramus lighting design studio present a new urban art form, offering an integrated canvas that both reflects the environment and encourages public engagement and development of a visually articulate civic voice.