6. Designing Mobile Low-Resolution Media Architecture


Alexander Wiethoff – LMU Munich, Germany
Marius Hoggenmüller – The University of Sydney, Australia


Low-resolution displays connected to cars, drones and robots have been explored in recent academic research and several application and interaction concepts outlined. We believe in potential benefits expanding this field for certain civic application areas by aesthetically integrating open city data directly in the context, instead of a distribution solely on personal mobile devices. In our MAB workshop we are interested in a fusion of various research fields, including Media Architecture, HCI, Urban Informatics and Mobile Computing, to provide mutual benefits through extended application areas. We want to share approaches designing a highly aesthetic form of mobile Media Architecture visualized via low-resolution lighting displays, we hereafter refer to as Mobile Low-Resolution Media Architecture (MLRMA). During the workshop we we want to explore and address the following key topics:

  • Encoding information in a low resolution
  • Interaction concepts for MLRMA
  • Aesthetic qualities, including treating low-resolution lighting displays as a design material
  • Alternative mobile media architectural interfaces, including multi-modal and non-visual ambient interfaces

To elaborate MLRMA in the workshop, we will provide a blend of lecture talks focusing on our previous research on ambient low-resolution Media Architecture, a design tool presentation and a hands-on breakout session which will serve as a basis for further discussion. Our main aim with this MAB workshop is to provide guidance for researchers and designers how to enable co-designing and evaluate MLRMA interfaces by means of purpose-built toolkits and methods adapted to this particular context.