Marília Pasculli

Curator and artistic director of the Verve Cultural, Marília Pasculli is a Brazilian representative of urban media art in São Paulo.

Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication in Radio and Television at FAAP – Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo;  Master’s degree on Digital Art Curatorship at MECAD – Media Center d’art i Dissenny, Barcelona.

Investigates and designs innovative platforms for digital art exhibitions, such as fulldome format, sculptural LEDs and large scale media architecture.  She is the founder of the Art Gallery Digital SESI-SP, the largest media facade initiative in Latin America. On that media facade, she produced and curated eleven digital art exhibitions, among them the SP_Urban Digital Festival, that is entering in the sixty edition. The mission of the festival is to provide channels for cultural dissemination as an integrated part of the city, merging art, architecture and technology. On the past years large scale  installations and urban media art projects spread throughout the city of São Paulo were also signed by Marília Pasculli and Verve Cultural. The common feature of all the projects is the free access to the public, either by the idealization of events in a public space or by the free admission.